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American Baby Boomers Society was built on the idea of always keeping every American first and informed on every aspect of Medicare.  As we looked throughout the landscape of Medicare, we found it very difficult to know where to easily find information that pertained to many different Medicare situations.  Also, where are you able to turn that will make you confident that you are receiving the most accurate and up to date Medicare information.

With that driving motivation, American Baby Boomers Society was conceived.  At ABBS we understand that knowledge is strength and every individual’s situation is different.  The cookie cutter approach that so many companies utilize is not the proper direction to take.  Therefore, we have created a helpful easy path of learning Medicare, for you to follow.  This path through the forest of Medicare is full of easy to understand information that will give you the knowledge and confidence to make educated decisions concerning your Medicare.

At the onset of your path to discovery, you will start with the basics of building a strong foundation of learning the history of Medicare.  You will continue on the path of knowledge and reach your destination of understanding and recognizing what is the best course of action for you and your family, both medically and financially.

The world has become so computer and internet orientated that just trying to find an answer to a simple question can become very time consuming and extremely frustrating.  Here at ABBS we are always here for you and will strive to have the most up to date information and education to guide you down your particular path.

American Baby Boomers Society is a respected, results-orientated organization driven by the key concept of helping those in need of answers. ABBS is structured to facilitate understanding and answers to Medicare questions and/or concerns through industry-leading education and support while offering an extremely high value, but remaining affordable to every American.

“Medicare is not cookie cutter, no matter what insurance companies would like you to believe … Your Medicare needs are not the same as your neighbors.”

Toni King
Founder, CEO, Advocate and Author

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