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What is ABBS?

ABBS along with its parent association, Toni Says®, was created to work in conjunction with Baby Boomers’ needs, education, resources, and serve as their advocate as it relates to the issues and concerns with the government, member benefits, and grassroots solutions.

Who founded ABBS and why?

Since 2008, Toni King owner of Toni Says®, has been working to assist Baby Boomers so they can understand the maze and rules of the Medicare system. Throughout the years, Toni has seen countless examples of how individuals have received the wrong/incorrect information about how Medicare works and the correct way to enroll in Medicare. This inaccurate information, on many occasions has cost people thousands of dollars. Toni has been fighting as an advocate for the Medicare Beneficiaries for over a decade. One aspect in which Toni accomplishes this, is to teach the correct way to enroll in Medicare, thus avoiding penalties and ensure they receive the best options for their specific medical and financial situations.

Toni has met with both State and Federal Government Representatives and discovered that some did not even understand how some issues they voted on affects so many Americans negatively. For this reason, Toni created the American Baby Boomer Society (ABBS) to become an advocate for those Americans ensuring their voices and negative impacts are heard and understood as far away as the individual State Houses and in Washington D.C.

How has ABBS been active?

Even before the ABBS officially started, Toni King realized that being an advocate was so important she could not wait for the official start date. With the changes to the Texas Retired Teachers System’s Health Care Benefits, voted on in 2017, many Texas Retired Teachers lost the benefits they had worked hard for as Teachers. As information was released it soon became apparent that legislation on this issue, passed by the Texas Congress, significantly hurt retired teachers regarding their Medical Benefits.

As a result, Toni contacted various media sources to make these issues known, soon after it became apparent that none of the contacted media would report on this issue. In November 2017, Toni finally met with State and National Representatives to discuss the issues and inform them that the results of the passed legislation are negatively impacting Retired Teachers. In addition, Toni explained how the process being used to implement the legislation, in some cases, has the potential to leave many without coverage due to no fault of their own.

As your advocate, ABBS wants to ensure that we, once again become a government for the people and by the people while focusing on taking an active role in monitoring our choices and preserving our rights! As our membership grows, we will continue to grow stronger, together advancing our presence on Capitol Hill as well as in our Local  and State Governments. Together your issues will be conveyed and will represent the needs and concerns of our members, without any political affiliation.

How old must I be to become a member?

ABBS is designed for the Baby Boomers in mind as well as those caring for Baby Boomers. Those caring for Baby Boomers who may be younger,  will find exclusive benefits they will still be able to take advantage of as a member.

Does my annual membership fee include my spouse?

Once enrolled with ABBS, you and your spouse are included in your membership. The only thing we ask is upon signing up please make sure that you include your spouse’s information in the appropriate section.

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